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We're back with our creative women series, and this week we're thrilled to feature artist and model Seala Lokollo.

Tell us about your professional journey - highlights, learnings, mentors.

Journey: My journey has been one with many faces. I would consider my professional journey really taking shape after completing my Fine Arts Degree. I embarked on a journey developing myself as a practicing artist, as well as creating my Jewellery brand La Sea. At the same time, my friend Wave and I started Mori Market,  an online shop with the occasional collaborative pop-up offering. Mori sells vintage, used, and designer pieces hand-picked by the two of us. I also work as a model, which means I get to collaborate on set with designers or at home in my studio creating content. 

Seala Lokollo x Aestas
A selection of Seala's beautiful ceramic pieces.

Highlights: Highlights have been exhibiting my works in different exhibition environments, going on artist residencies overseas, doing pop-ups with people I admire, and a special highlight to me is meeting different community along the way.
Aestas - Seala Lokollo
Seala during her Varda artists residency in Sausalito, California, 2019.

Learnings: Learning to acknowledge what you really love doing, and finding a way to incorporate aspects of that passion into your daily work and professional journey. 

Mentors: I was really lucky to have Tina Tainui as a mentor from a young teenager. Tina has overcome many challenges in her life, emerging stronger and wiser every time. Tina taught me to believe in myself and that it was possible to follow my dreams if I put my heart into it. 

Mentor Tina Tainui

Describe your creative process
As an Artist, I am constantly looking for inspiration in story, culture and objects. From there the studio is where I combine my research with my physical practice. Depending on the project, the clay or metal becomes the focal point of communicating the story. The process of making is definitely my favourite part of making as its a very personal moment between me, my concepts and the chosen material.

What are you working on right now, personally and professionally?
I'm currently working on some new clay works that are both sculptural and functional. This is relatively new for me so I am excited to release this body of work soon to the public! On the other hand, I am working on making the move to live rurally and that involves a huge change after living in Melbourne city for 10 years. I am very excited about this transition.

Favourite self care ritual/s to unwind?
I am a huge bath fan. Giving yourself the time to soak in the tub until your toes wrinkle! also a clay mask in the evening to cool down/ calm down for a restful sleep is another favourite thing of mine to do.

Favourite travel experience/s?
Visiting the Maluku Islands, where my family are from. 

Maluku Islands The Maluku Islands.

What makes you feel most alive?
Being by the ocean.

What are you looking forward to?
Moving closer to the ocean and family and releasing new work soon 

Who or what is inspiring you right now?
Friends who work creatively/ have their own small businesses - getting through the last year with lockdowns was extremely challenging for many and it inspires me to see my friends push through the hardship and continue on to produce exciting fresh work and ideas.

Seala Lokollo x Aestas

Sunset in Byron.

 Insider home town tips?
When I'm home I love to:

1) Go for a river swim in Brunswick Heads on hightide - grab breakie or lunch at Yami's to bring down to the river
2) Go for a LED light facial at Little Company, Byron Bay
3) Mullumbimby Farmers Market on a Friday morning for the weekly shop
4) Coffee and Pastry at Keith in Murwillumbah
5) Kiva Spa for a rainy night in Mullumbimby 
6) Cadeau Bar and Restaurant for lunch or date dinner in Brunswick Heads 

Little Company, Byron Bay
Little Company
, Byron Bay

Summer is our favourite season, what’s a song, taste and place that reminds you of summer?

Song: Bruca Manigua by Ibrahim Ferrer
Taste: Salty water + fresh fruits 
Place: Home in the Byron Shire

Biggest take away of the year?
Life is so precious. Take the time to enjoy it with the people you love most when possible. Take a moment to realise the beauty in the smaller things. 
Seala Lokollo x Aestas

Seala wears the Ivy Jumpsuit in Sky Blue and the Aanya Chain Earrings
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