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We're back with our inspirational women series, and this week we're thrilled to feature Gigi Hopkins.
Gigi is a travel writer and founder of It's Beautiful Here, a collection of deeply personal curated travel guides, interviews and stories. This Melbourne born global nomad shares her dreamy travel experiences on her ever-inspiring IG @_itsbeautifulhere - from villas in Menorca, cafes in Lisbon, and off the beaten path islands in Greece, Gigi's travels give us a serious case of wanderlust! If you're after a dream holiday Gigi is now curating personalised itineraries of her favourite destinations and hotels tailored just for you. We loved chatting to our beautiful friend Gigi for this feature, and hope you enjoy reading our Q&A 💙
  The Mediterranean greets you on the terrace at Verina Hotel on the Greek Island of Sifnos, one of Gigi's favourite discoveries from island hopping in 2022.  
Tell us about your professional journey - highlights, learnings, mentors.

My professional journey has taken me in so many different directions and I’m grateful for them all. I started It’s Beautiful Here 10 years ago but before that I was working in an events/marketing role in investment banking for many years - eek, a very different world!! I was lucky to be working alongside my best friend Liv who was without doubt the best mentor I have had in my life - outrageously smart, humble, patient, and generous in both her wisdom and approach. Since living in a more creative world I feel lucky to meet and work with amazing people every day who inspire me endlessly with their talents and passion for whatever it is they are doing - whether that be photographers, designers, hoteliers, chefs, shopkeepers, uber drivers, music makers - everyone has a story to tell. Without doubt, it’s the people I meet on this journey that make me love what I do the most.

Gigi in Greece, where she's relocating to this year for another year of exciting adventures. 

Describe your creative process

Trusting my intuition and staying open.

What are you working on right now, personally and professionally?

Right now I’m working on a lot of client itineraries and hotel bookings for European summer. It feels like every second person is travelling to Italy, Spain and Greece this year! It’s exciting. Personally, I am trying (but struggling) to learn Greek.

Described as one of the most exciting hotel openings of 2022, Passalacqua Hotel on Lake Como, one of Gigi's personal faves from her travels last year. 

Favourite self care ritual/s to unwind?

A swim in the sea. A big catch up with friends. Music (always). A bath. A hike. Yoga.
Favourite travel experience/s?

Ooh, that’s a tricky one. All of them?!!! I have to say though it felt incredibly special and lucky to be back out in the world last year after two years being stuck in Australia. Climbing Mt Batur in Indonesia for sunrise was a definite highlight, and spending the entire summer exploring Greek Islands I have never visited before, was another. I have just returned from a mega road trip along the East Coast of Australia which thrills me every time - there is so much magic on offer in this beautiful country of ours. I am so grateful for every travel experience though and the richness each one brings to my life.

An incredible experience - climbing Mt Batur in Indonesia for sunrise.

 Donussa Island, a favourite of Gigi's and part of the Greek Cyclades. 

What makes you feel most alive?
Swimming in the sea.

What are you looking forward to?
Living in Europe this year.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

The beautiful Troias apartment in Athens, captured by Gigi.

The white washed walls of Casinha de Sardinha, a holiday home rental in Lagos Gigi visited last year.

 Insider home-town tips?

The newly renovated, heritage-listed Northcote Theatre is incredibly beautiful. I recommend catching a show there after a delicious dinner first at 1800 Lasagne.


Gigi wearing the Aarti necklace this summer in Australia.

 Summer is our favourite season, what’s a song, taste and place that reminds you of summer?

Song:  Slice of Heaven

Taste: Campari

Place:  Yamba

The sparkling east coast of Australia, photographed by Gigi. 

Some words or favourite quote or motto you live by?
“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before” - Maya Angelou : ) 

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