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Founder of NY based Field Trip Kat Kaneski has created the ultimate organic, vegan rolling papers. Inspired by the vintage 'leopard skins' her mum smoked back in the 80s, they are proudly printed with organic vegetable inks.

 Field Trip spent hundreds of hours perfecting a unique, vegan, organic process of pressing papers that promises a more high fidelity smoke, made from only the best materials. They're constructed from organic, non-toxic food grade, vegetable-based inks. organic rice paper, and organic fair trade Arabic gum for the adhesive. No taste. No smell. Only a clean smoke. 

The papers are TÜV SÜD fibre and chemical tested. TÜV SÜD is an internationally accredited certification body for various management systems/ They certify and audit a wide range of international systems related to quality, environment, energy, safety, risk, health, education, and business continuity.

• 12 printed rolling papers and 12 tips
• 100 % organic vegetable based ink
• Organic / vegan arabic gum adhesive strip
• Organic rice paper12 leaves per packet