Interior Portraits: At Home With Cultural Pioneers and Creative Mavericks

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Following up on her very successful titles Handcrafted Modern and Modern Originals, native Californian Leslie Williamson returns to her roots with Interior Portraits: At Home With California's Cultural Pioneers and Creative Mavericks. All the successful hallmarks of Williamson's first two books are here: beautiful and distinctive photography; gorgeous interiors full of art and with unique details; and compelling and personal texts of each story by Williamson herself. Interior Portraits also expands on the original formula to include not just iconic homes of famous designers such as architect Charles Moore and fashion designer Christina Kim, but also the residences of non-designers, who arguably have had more influence on how Americans live today than most designers.

Interior Portraits is itself a journey through the very best that the California design lifestyle has to offer. 
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About the Author
Leslie Williamson pursues both fine art and commercial photography, garnering numerous accolades, including being a Surface magazine Avant Guardian and featured in Communication Arts magazine. In addition, her work has appeared in Dwell, Surface, and Travel + Leisure magazines, among other publications. She is the author and photographer of Rizzoli's Handcrafted Modern (2010) and Modern Originals (2014).