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Karolin Van Loon - Rouge Solaire Nail Polish

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Exclusively launched for Valentine’s Day, Rouge Solaire will surely sweep you off your feet. Like the sun, this bright red nail polish warms your heart - whether it’s gifted to you or an act of self-love. Wear it seductively with an all-black outfit, or mix and match romantically with shades of pink and gold. 

Belgian jeweller Karolin Van Loon has created a beautiful range of premium vegan nail polish in a range of must-have colours. The formula is fabulous - luxurious solid colour in a single coat, fast drying and long lasting. Packaged in a complimentary pouch, these make a perfect gift, for yourself or a loved one.

Imagine a ray of sunlight. It starts as a pinprick and slowly expands to become a golden glow that engulfs you entirely. I want you to experience that warm feeling when you treat yourself – or someone dear – to one of my pieces of jewellery, or when you refine your look with my matching nail varnish, or brighten your interior with a beautiful object. Because alongside my jewellery, my aim is to inspire you by translating the things that fascinate me into fashion, beauty and interior pieces. 

Karolin Van Loon’s nail polish is vegan, eco-friendly and 8-free.