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Kirsty Lief - Flat Brass Incense Holder

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A hand cut brass incense holder, this simple brushed brass burner comes in 1 size. Part of a collaboration with This Is Incense, it is recommend for use with this brand. Your incense stick should not be bigger than 10cm.


Brass incense holder

Hand cut from 1mm thick golden brass

Hand finished with a matte brush look

Mini size is 18mm x 120mm and should be used with This is Incense products

Coated in a clear wax to delay tarnishing

Care & Craftsmanship

This item is handmade, and as such there may be slight variations in the finished product

Made using brass

Handmade and finished with care in Kirstys little home studio in Torquay, AUS

About Kirsty Lief
Kirsty Lief is a range of simple and unique hand made jewellery, created with minimalism and affordability in mind. The jewellery is made from precious metals, and are a blend of classic everyday wear and on trend accessories, all with a minimal approach. Each piece from the range is designed, formed, soldered, polished and buffed by hand.